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News and Announcements

***GSA managed FSCs***

FedMall currently contains a number of DLA contracts that include items in Federal Supply Classes (FSC) managed by GSA. DLA and GSA have jointly agreed to remove these FSCs and associated items from DLA FedMall contracts on a rolling basis beginning October 12, 2018. FSCs affected by this action are linked below. GSA currently provides support for these items through GSA managed supply schedules, many of which appear on FedMall. Removal of these items from DLA managed contracts should be transparent to DoD customers as similar items will be available on GSA managed contracts on FedMall. For additional information, please click here.

*** FedMall Help Desk ***

For Access problems or Technical issues please contact the Enterprise Help Desk at:

  • Toll Free: 1-855-352-0001

  • DSN: (CONUS) 855-352-0001 (OCONUS) 94-855-352-0001

For Navigation, Ordering Assistance or Procedural issues please contact the Customer Interaction Center at:

  • Toll Free: 1-877-352-2255

  • DSN CONUS/OCONUS: 877-352-2255

***Suspended DODAAC Error***

During checkout, some customers are receiving an error stating that their DODAAC is suspended. We are working to get this error fixed. In the meantime, please use the following workaround.

***FedMall Town Hall***

Join the FedMall Town Hall

The FedMall Program Office is hosting town halls to review issues shoppers and suppliers may be experiencing.

Upcoming Town Halls:

  • First Tuesday of every month at 1300 EDT for Users, 1500 EDT for Suppliers

New Dial-in: 1-301-909-7350, Conference ID: 35200912

We're listening -- please ask us your questions.

***MILSTRIP Ordering Entry System (MOES)***

MOES Document ID DRA is producing errors. Please use the MRA tool when submitting receipts. This notice will be removed when DRA is working again.

***Kaspersky Lab***

Effective July 15, 2018, Federal Government customers SHALL NOT purchase KASPERSKY LAB hardware, software, or services developed by Kaspersky Lab or its related entities. Click here for additional information.

***Military Specification (MILSPEC) NSN Items***

FedMall Customers: There are commercial and MarketPlace items on FedMall that may not be equivalent to Military Specification (MILSPEC) NSN items. In order to ensure that customers are ordering MILSPEC NSNs, customers should only purchase items that have the associated MIL icon in addition to the Credit Card CC icon. DLA does not consider items that do not display the MIL icon to be a “commercial equivalent."

***JAVA Excel Error***

Customers are receiving a JAVA error when using DLA Orders: "Requisition/Customer Upload Capability". Please see below for workaround:

  • 1) Go to "Requisition/Customer Return Inquiry"

  • 2) Enter any requisition number

  • 3) Click "Submit"

  • 4) Go to "Requisition/Customer Upload Capability"

  • 5) Enter your requisition numbers

  • 6) Click "Submit"

  • 7) Click "Export to Excel"

The key here is to complete a single requisition query (using the single requisition form, NOT the upload form) before using the upload form.

***Release Notes FM 19.2.1***

Click here to access the Release Notes for FM 19.2.1.

*** Clothing and Textiles/Uniform Items ***

Users are reporting problems adding items to carts from the Search Results page. If you see "Price Pending" on the Search Results page, click the item name and add the item via the Product Detail Page. Additionally, failure to add the item from the Product Detail Page may result in the wrong NSN being added to the cart. Please add clothing and textiles items to your cart form the Product Detail Page (rather than the Search Results page) and then verify that the NSNs in your cart are correct prior to placing the order.

*** Exception Ship-to Address ***

Customers are having problems with the use of exception address to include mark for data. We have created and posted a Quick Start Guide for Exception Ship-To Addresses on the welcome page. Please follow the guide verbatim to ensure that your order does not get rejected.

***Attention: Avoid changing document/requisition numbers***

FedMall creates unique document/requisition numbers for each item; FedMall also allows the customer to change the document numbers during checkout. Customers are reminded that each line item must have a unique document number; duplicate document numbers will be rejected.
PLEASE NOTE: Changing the system generated Document Number may impact order processing. A document number must contain the requisitioning DODAAC, current 4 digit Julian date, and 4 digit control number. FedMall does not provide any error message if the user changes the format and it may be rejected by a downstream system.

FedMall Town Halls

Latest information on FedMall Town Halls can be found here: http://www.dla.mil/Info/FedMall/TownHalls

Ordering Warfighter (Clothing and Textiles) NSNs

Warfighter clothing is only searchable by Product Group Code (PGC). A NSN/PGC crosswalk is provided in Self Help. Please search for PGC vice NSN when ordering Uniform items.

Contracting Office DoDAAC/AAC

When registering a GPC, you will be requested to provide your Contracting Office's DoDAAC/AAC. It is the first six alpha-numeric characters of all contract numbers awarded by that office (i.e. SPE8EZ-17-V-0001; the DoDAAC would be SPE8EZ). When registering, if you do not know the DoDAAC there will be a link to a list of DoDAACs by Service/Agency (except Navy, Air Force, and DLA). If you need further assistance please contact your Supervisor, Billing Official, or A/OPC.

Attention Army Customers

The funds check via GCSS-A has been temporarily disabled while we troubleshoot timeout issues. Army orders can still be placed in FedMall.


SASOR data source conducts data updates between 0600-0900 ET. It is recommended that SASOR reports be run outside this refresh window.

Military Uniform Special Measurement Orders

Back Shirt Length has been added to special measurement shirts. Any questions on properly measuring for a specific garment should be directed to the Special Measurement/CAD office: TrpSptC&T-Patterns@dla.mil

Attention ROTC Customers

ROTC customers are reminded that they are not authorized to purchase boots where a Local Stock Number is listed. Please see the approved NSN's in Self Help

Attention State and Local Wildland Fire Protection Program Customers

State and Local Activity Address Code (AAC) Suspension. Effective January 1, 2016, state and local customers using the "12" series AAC to DLA equipment will see a cancellation code of "CQ" indicating the AAC is not an authorized user. To acquire an authorized AAC, please send an email containing your name, address, phone and AAC number to DLAWFPP@DLA.mil

While we continue to make updates, if you experience problems with order submissions within the Fed Mall system, Emergency orders to include "Credit Card Orders for Wildland Fire Protection customers (Federal and State and Local) will be supported by the DLA Customer Interaction Center (CIC).

Zero Search Results

If you cannot find an item you are looking for, ensure that under "Select Store", FedMall is selected. Searching "Entire Site" only searches the store you are currently in. Services default to their service store ie Army Store, Air Force Store.

Getting Started

Getting Started as a Shopper

If this is your first time on FedMall, start with the About FedMall page for an overview. More details about the registration process are available from our Customer Registration Quick Start Guide.

Once you have registered, log on using the link in the upper right hand corner.

Getting Started as a Supplier

FedMall Suppliers now have their own dedicated Supplier Portal for managing their catalogs and viewing purchase orders. Visit the FedMall Supplier Portal for more information.

Security Certificate

If your web browser says that the connection is untrusted or there is a problem connecting securely to the website, you will need to install the new CA Certificate. The necessary DOD certificates can be installed via InstallRoot or PKI CA Certificate Bundles both of which can be found at http://iase.disa.mil/pki-pke/Pages/tools.aspx under the "Trust Store" tab.